…of pedestrians, super-engaged & October…



…”7 Bad Habits Vancouver Pedestrians Should Drop Right Now”…”Study suggests mayoral candidates should target ‘superengagers'”…

Here you have ’em,–take note!:

Crossing in slow motion…
Sweeping the sidewalk…(this means not keeping to the right!)
Standing to close to the curb…
Texting and walking…
Crossing without looking…
Crossing on a “don’t walk” signal…

Just what is a ‘superengager’?, one might ask…

It seems the study of voter turnout reveals there’s a new type of person that shows up to vote these days. Not necessarily the richest or the oldest but the engaged.
“Those people most likely to fill out the long form census, when asked.” “A crescent of super-engagers!”

Might that be you?…

‘Tis October now, the season of harvest!

British Columbia is blessed with abundance from the prime agricultural lands in the Lower Mainland to the richness of Okanagan valley vineyards!

“Clouds gather, treetops toss and sway;
But pour us wine, an old one!
That we may turn this dreary day
To golden, yes, to golden!

Autumn has come, but never fear,
Wait but a little while yet,
Spring will be here, the skies will clear,
And fields stand deep in violets.

The heavenly blue of fresh new days
Oh, friend, you must employ them
Before they pass away. Be brave!
Enjoy them; oh, enjoy them!”
– Theodor Storm, A Song in October

Cheers for a wonderful super-engaged October Wednesday. Mind your crosswalks!



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