…of lost & found…


Well well, here we find ourselves at yet another month’s ehd–September 30th.

International Translation Day as the International Federation of Translators call it!

What does that mean as the the warm sunny days of summer translate into cooler crisper days with hints of snow beckoning some outdoors into the mountains to ski & others ready to cocoon with hearth & home by the fire?

Seems we’re all on a quest for meaning in our lives, on so many levels.

What one may think or say in a specific language, may be difficult to comprehend for another whose sense of time and space, word and place is rooted in another language and different ways of being.

What one might want to say or convey, in its thoughtfulness, may just not have the words in another language to sufficiently express a meaning or an intended expression of an idea bounded in traditions of another culture or place in our vast world.

So here we are, together, people from around the globe who find ourselves living, working, vacationing, learning, exploring, adventuring. All of us on a quest for new & renew, a broadening of our horizons or simply enjoying what we’ve come to know and to be.

In it all communication is so key!

Cheers to an October with a salutation that sings taste & see!….

With main paragraphs overflowing with understanding & new discoveries….&…

With a conclusion that’s a beginning to November that continues to sing…
…in our listening & our hearing…
…in our speaking & our writing…
that we will find new joys in understanding, in meaning, and in changed renditions.

Sometimes lost in translation…

Found in revealed rephrasings!


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