….of daah!! & aha !!…


…”Vancouver’s Bellaggio under legal fire from Vegas hotel, but owner asks is there really any confusion?”…

Heaven forbid Vancouver’s Bellaggio restaurant that’s been operating for almost 15 years be confused with Las Vegas’ Bellagio!!!…different spelling!

Just as ridiculous as Olympia pizza & Greek restaurant being challenged by the International Olympic committee during the 2010 Winter Games, it seems!

All in the name of copyright & trademarks…..go figure!
And so it goes…

This story reminds me of an old tale about the Italian kid that named his new puppy, as he would always call enthusiastically “Dioggi”

In the sit, stay, heel of things, when asked, how did you come to call your dog “Dioggi?”, he replied very surprisingly but practically—“Dioggi……”D-O-G”!!!!


Cheers to daah! & aha! moments!!!…

However you choose to spend this last fine Friday of September, may AHA moments be its trademark!!!

Super Saturday! & …

Sensational Sunday!, I say!…do you copy?!!!…


Great weekend y’all!




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