…of aging, staging & paging…



“The upside to Canada’s aging population”…”Gender-neutral, sophisticated & fun: Welcome to the modern day nursery”…

Apparently by 2050, nearly 1/3 of all Canadians will be 60 or older, causing doomsayers to predict “a ‘blue-rinse’ nation with bankrupt pension plans, an overburdened healthcare system and an ever-shrinking workforce to pay the bills”.

The good news is our country could “age like fine wine” and see people living longer and staying healthier longer, having increased productivity through higher learning, consumption rates good for the environment, a sharing of wealth, and more leisure time for all.

Germany, the Netherlands, & Japan, it seems, ahead of us in the demographics, have all seen it to be characteristically so.

Vancouver gears up today for Western Canada’s premiere annual residential design show (IDSWest) 2014 Interior Design Show for four days at our waterfront convention centre, just as the 33rd Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) gets underway screening some of the best films from around the world thru to October 10th.

That brings us to the “un-nursery.”

Yes. “Forget powder-pink walls and cartoon-character sheets. The modern nursery is gender-neutral, sophisticated and as fun as it is sweet.”

Alrighty then, if you say so…

Whatever it is you find on your agenda this post Vancouver Raise-a-Reader Day Thursday, with whomever you are interacting, may your day see you thriving, agreeable & on the same page!!!


Well versed.




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