…of ‘tin-itus’ & candor…thanks be!



…”Tincan: the restaurant serving only tinned fish”…

Now that’s a new one!!

In this day & age of pop-ups–this n’ that, London, UK has seen a restaurant pop-up serving
“gourmet fish from gorgeous tins in designer surroundings”…

Naysayers say ‘tin-itus’?!!!!….

Seems there’s no end to possibilities if one takes a “can do” attitude!

‘Tis the season of ‘canning’ which brings back memories of Mom in the kitchen with peaches or pears, refining her apple sauce, or batching up enough to feed an army of her popular chili sauce….

Whatever’s up for a thrilling Thursday on your agenda, may it be a day spiced with genuine enjoyment & honest to good goodness!!–be frank, be open,……candor!

Cheers to an unequivocally thankful Thursday!


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