…”Scottish referendum: When it comes to matters of heart, nations need to think with their heads”…”The curious case of the cyclist’s unshaven legs”…”Why this online frozen food critic called it quits after 629 episodes”…

As Calgary, experiences a post September snow meltdown, just a few of the quirky headlines in today’s media, which I shall leave unexplored!…

Vancouver visitors & residents alike, may have not yet seen the large-scale sculptural self-portrait “Gumhead” by Douglas Coupland that’s situated outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The summer long project invites the public to be part of it by sticking some gum onto it.

“The work has produced some less-than-pleasant surprises – bees, wasps and hornets are attracted to the thing; and then there’s the smell. Gumhead can get pretty fragrant, especially on a hot day.”

Now THAT’S something to chew on!!!!…

“A gum chewing girl and a cud chewing cow,
there is a difference I will allow.
The difference is, I have it now,
the intelligent look on the face of the cow.”

Why did the chewing gum cross the road?
It was stuck on the chicken’s foot.

Picture two pieces of gum on the bottom of a dining table- how did you get here – sticky situation.

And since school’s still out in British Columbia, a question of profundity for pondering:

What is the difference between a train & a teacher??!!

The teacher says “spit out your gum” while the train resounds “chew chew chew!”

Cheers to an “I’m forever blowing bubbles kinda day!”


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