…of film & fringe…



As the first September weekend beckons, both the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) & the Vancouver Fringe Festival are underway!

“Just what is a Fringe Festival?”, some might ask. “A celebration of theatre for everyone featuring more than 700 performances by 89 artists over 11 days from September 4 to 14th!.”

Cheers to Granville Island happenings & look out for original works being performed in some unconventional places around the city! Bravo!

They say that we live in such a face paced world nowadays that the reality for most of us is some level of attention deficit when it comes to many things that we can be distracted about.

In the midst of it all, the sociologists surmise we have a continual need to be entertained with video clips & sound bites that fright & delight.

Hence, the proliferation of social media…the facebook updates, the tweets, the instagrams & the pins of pinterest!

Cheers to an enthusiastic entertaining day!

Good times old & new….just take a look around & there’s something entertaining for you!



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