…of British food & hysterical…

Feisty, bossy and flounce

Seteak and kidney pudding

“Indigestible truth about British food”…”Eight sexist words we’d like to never hear from again”…

Apparently the US Ambassador to Britain is sick and tired of being served lamb and potatoes. “He should try our colourless tapioca and damp brussel sprouts”, say the pundits.

On a continuing lighter note, it’s said that “there are five things a visitor to England must never never do: stand on the left side of an escalator, mispronounce “Leicestershire”, assume that we all know personally Benny Hill, think that an American Express card will be useful, and disparage our national diet.”

Cheers to you’ve been told!…me thinks a fine prime rib & ‘yorkie’ & a trifling dessert is quite digestible. Salut!

“Digestible”…why can I hear a Granny with her tea asking ‘digestively’—-“Biscuit?!”

Feisty, Fierce, Bossy, Flounce, Nag, Whine, Hysterical, “Mother of”…

In eight words, there they are, with a pundit question that asks do you ever hear men described as “hysterical?”…

Cheers to a delightfully creative innovative & inspiring first Wednesday of September!

Will you be characterized today as a fine mother of invention?!!!!…





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