…of vitamin enriched, geneologically purveyed & withstand!…



…”Vancouver Aquarium going to court in bid to resume breeding whales, dolphins, porpoises”…”Facekinis-head-covering swimwear. a hit on China’s beaches, gets notice from Western fashionistas”…”Three farmers’ markets superfoods that pack a vitamin punch”…

Headlines on a summer Thursday!…

Since Vancouver’s Parks Board recently imposed restrictions on just what the Vancouver Aquarium can and cannot do, a judicial review has been asked for in the highly contentious debate over the ethics of keeping ‘cetaceans’ in captivity.

Interesting to note that at the current time the Aquarium has but two beluga whales, two Pacific white-sided dolphins, all of the same sex, and only two harbour porpoises, of opposite sex, but “still juveniles and would not be able to mate for some time.”

In the meantime, while the Aquarium is undergoing some renovations, apparently it’s hoped that, once finished, they could bring back some of the five belugas on loan to American facilities and let the mating games begin!…

Cheers to protecting endangered species, opportunities for learning, research & study, respecting nature and natural environments and at the same time think twice about segregating animals just to comply with perhaps less than well thought out ‘political’ pronouncements!…


Now that’s a new word to me!…scary stuff! : )

Apparently, “The New York-based magazine CR Fashion Book, which is edited by a former Vogue Paris editor has a spread titled “Masking in the Sun: A hidden retreat in this season’s swimwear.”

Cheers to—I don’t think so!…so much for “pale skin beautiful & prevention of the nipping of sea crabs at the face”…

Indeed the August days of summer are “peak produce season” for our much beloved farmers’ markets!

An adventurous article suggests currants, gooseberries & tomatillos as less familiar, but worthy of seeking out this summer season for a punch of natural vitamins sustenance!

Cheers to you for a thriving ‘throwback thirsty Thursday’ that has you thinking—let’s face it, the gentility, polish & refinement that’s in your breeding is far from supplementary!!

Vitamin enriched!

Genealogically purveyed!


Seize the day sings–I can do anything!


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