…of burgers & donuts, peas & sweet corn, walks & workouts…

Burger King Tim Hortons

…”Burger King & Tim Hortons, A Beneficial Marriage”…”Weekend Menus: Take Advantage of Late Summer’s Offerings”…”How to Turn Your Daily Dog Walk into a Workout”…

And so it goes, the last few days of August 2014!…

Bright tasting peas! Sweet corn! Tart wild blueberries!….just a few of the seasonal offerings of late summer! Have you had a corn cob feast yet?!…Cheers to adventurous and imaginative with the barbecue!

One of the amazing things about downtown Vancouver’s densely populated with condos core is the number of dogs in the neighbourhoods! While the trend for condos seems to get smaller, the dogs that seem to venture out of the buildings are of all sizes and varieties!

A fun article says “instead of just standing” while your pet does its business or retrieves the ball, how about a few jumping jacks, lunges or squats yourself?!…

Cheers to enjoying the stroll with walks in the sunshine on the seawalls & heading for a picturesque park!…

Now, how to tie all this together?!….hmmmm…. reportedly, today will be the last day of Vancouver sunshine & warm temperatures for awhile as low pressure & rain makes its headway just in time for the final weekend of the PNE!…

Get out there and DO DO!

Yes, just DO!

Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday of doing that smiles:

Well done!


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