…of seagulls, yawns & the world wide wobble…


…”How the web lost its way–the world wide wobble”…

At issue apparently is, that 24 years ago when the world wide web came to be, it wasn’t envisaged that an “open web would become a system of semi-closed platforms that restrict access to their users. Nor that the invention would facilitate surveillance on a scale beyond the imaginings of Orwell. At its inception the world wide web seemed to promise an escape from corporate and governmental powers, an egalitarian free-for-all. Now? It has increasingly become a sophisticated extension of them. The hopes once nurtured by the man who invented the web have been not so much abandoned as betrayed.”

Cheers to taking another look at founding principles perhaps…..

As for questions of the day that “range on subjects from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific concepts”, today there are two:

What is the point of seagulls?? AND what is a yawn??

Any profound thoughts on those??!!—don’t lose any sleep over it!….

Cheers for a marvellous Monday & wild wacky wonderful week that’s far from a YAWNER this singularly sensational last seven days of summer-“July/August 2014”!!!



Soar like a seagull!

Be gullible–NOT!

Did you know that if you rub your palm really really hard and it smells like peanut butter, you will be very very rich one day?!…



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