…of Sing Sung & Sam…



It’s several years ago now since I popped by Vancouver’s Pacific Centre shopping mall & into the Apple Store to take a look at the newest model iPhones & a new thing called a tablet–the iPad. It was then, much to my amusement that the very helpful sales guy at the end of his discourse handed me his business card that read, he in his helpfulness, was none other than Sam Sung!!

Roll forward now to a story in today’s news—-& no longer working with Apple, Sam decided to sell his Apple t-shirt “uniform” together with an old business card, to raise some money for charity, in the amusement of his name in the situation. End result: $ 80,000 & counting in the bidding!…

Cheers to Apple & praises–Sam Sung!

Lovers of the old tv show ‘Name that Tune’ that was popular in the ’50’s apparently & then again in a newer version in the ’70’s are great resource people to come up with a tune and lyrics for any particular day or great & special occasion!

What would you name the tune for your day this 2nd Friday in August?!….

Cheers to keep the pitch & a fun sing!…

If thoughts of the bright lights of fame have you hungering for privacy & calm in our out there, online world, take a friend to lunch & in the imaginary blinding of the bright lights think—

Dim Sum Sam!

Spin the ‘lazy Susan’ for variety in your day!

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