…of bee…

Urban Beekeeping On East London RooftopsM~ SYB1107Campaign120100329-Commute-01.JPG

“Tourists ‘horrified’ by car culture they say is making Canadians fat”…”Badges of summer: Buy/sell lemonade”…”Colony Collapse Disorder: Why does it impact what we eat?”

All in an August Tuesday’s headlines!…

As the Joni Mitchell song goes—“they paved paradise & put up a parking lot….”

A pair of Danish tourists are taking us to task in an open letter to Canadians after experiencing Toronto traffic.
“Upon arrival we were horrified to see great oceans of car parks deserting the landscape and twelve lane highways rammed pack with huge SUVs with people going nowhere,” they lamented. “When tourists visit make sure they remember (Canada) for its parks rather than its parking” said one of the pair.

If you’re like me, I can’t pass by the sunny exhibition of entrepreneurial spirit—the lemonade stand & the accompanying enthusiastic purveyors without indulging & making a few customary quips about watering down, profitability & what makes one’s stand, stand tall & distinct from the competition!!……. laughs & smiles all around!…

That’s the spirit kids!!!—“Jack & Jill should speak up more in class, but their keen minds & ambition will see them go far” (reported, carded, excerpts from a teacher’s notes)

NO, that next headline’s not about colonoscopies!….

There’s lots about bees in the news this summer and the ‘bummer’ of it is that our bee populations have been on the decline now for over a decade.

As we all learned in elementary school, bees are important for pollination and its effects on our food chain. Urban sprawl, mites & parasites, harsh winters, and changes in flowering patterns due to global warming, collectively seem to be responsible for
“colony collapse disorder.”

Attempts to turn things around and see bees thriving again are being made by various provincial and US state governments by planting bee-friendly plants such as echinacea, lavender, and clover.

Cheers to “if you care about food, you should care about bees!”

Can bee be your buzz word for today?!!!

SUNSHINE, BLUE SKY, SMILES — components of your summer be!

& a silly chuckle:

A swarm of bees was flying along & needed to make a pit stop.
The head drone noticed they were passing over a couple of gas stations. On one corner, a Shell station, on the other an Esso station.
The drone signaled all in the swarm to land at the Shell station for a rest and they all followed except for one contrary bee that flew across the street to the other corner.

It seems there is at least one Esso bee in every crowd!!! (SOB)


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