…of stand tall, swell well & deliver…


…”Vancouver woman joins movement to drop US Citizenship”…”BC Midwives Threaten Job Action”…”Make the Most of Summer with Meringue”…

As odd as it might seem, some dual US-Canadian citizens are scared and angry.

The culprit is the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), that now requires the
Canadian government to hand over to US tax authorities the information of every client
with US citizenship.
The long arm of the Internal Revenue Service is creating fear and bitterness as folks with modest incomes feel caught in a quagmire that’s meant to really target rich people hiding billions in offshore bank accounts and tax havens.
Options: renounce your US citizenship? -to do so puts you on an FBI monitoring list dubbed the “list of shame”. (not to mention the fees to do so)

There’s disappointment that Canada’s government “succumbed” to FATCA, and (like dozens of other countries) signed an agreement forcing its banks to cooperate or suffer severe penalties.

As for the dual citizens, they aren’t surprised: “The U.S. is a threatening country, both militarily and economically. I think it’s pretty scary for any country to stand up to the United States.”

And so it goes…..one can only wonder…Americans can you stand tall?…..perhaps we citizens of the world must ALL…..or see much more fall…

A pregnant pause & it’s amazing the headlines one can stumble upon…

British Columbia’s 220 registered midwives have apparently issued notice that they will “unilaterally terminate their agreement with the provincial government within 90 days.”

A bellygram’s been sent to the Premier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW8RfFajB4I&feature=youtu.be ……doesn’t that just sing swell well–special delivery?!!!!!…

Speaking of meringue making the most of summer–’tis the season of peaches, pears & cherries & a picture is worth a thousand words…so much beyond Dad’s favourite lemon meringue pie…

Raspberry rose meringue torte. The base of the cake pictured here is called the forgotten torte, named for the fact that it is left in the oven overnight to bake….a half baked idea or what?!….then there’s …Blueberry lavender meringue pie & Strawberry pistachio pavlova…

Cheers to summer smiles–dessert often delivers!…

As the accentuating the positive, eliminating the negative, latching onto the affirmative office to office couriers of our day like to say to “How’s business?”…

“Always picking up!”

Cheers to a day full of pick-me-ups!!!

Lovely! Lively!


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