…on a roll…


Cheers & a skirl of ‘Bonnie Dundee’ as today’s google doodle alerts us to the kick off to Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games!

GO TeamCanada GO and GO GO GO to all participating countries & to Commonwealth Hobbit mascot– “Clyde”!! He’s pictured here—‘doing the lightning bolt!’…

Thoughts of celebrate!….”yes,’Gram’, a wee dram!”…

As Vancouver’s Ned Bell, Executive Chef at Howe Street’s Four Seasons, cycle continues across Canada from east coast to west to raise awareness about sustainable seafood with #chefsforoceans,(now he’s just about to Quebec), a headline in today’s news shouts “Hyper-abundant pink salmon are outcompeting wild sockeye.”

“There is consensus among fishery scientists that pink salmon are climate change winners, that rising ocean and river temperatures, ocean physics and plankton production have changed in their favour. Hatcheries pump about five billion salmon of all species into the Pacific each year. There are twice as many salmon in the Pacific Ocean now as there were in the 1950s, so many they are straining the ocean’s ability to support them.”

Cheers to sustainable seafood & Chefs for Oceans http://chefsforoceans.com/ Go NED Go!!!

Vancouver’s 2nd annual “Brewery & the Beast dining extravaganza” featuring 49 chefs from Vancouver & Whistler takes place on July 27th and is apparently already sold-out!…A beastly celebration of meat & beer!…

Summer shouts enjoy the tap dance!!!…pour on!…

Ever thought of a picturesque refuge from citylife??!!

Images of “silver-haired players puttering through snail-paced matches” may be what comes to mind when thinking about lawn bowling, but at Vancouver’s Stanley Park, apparently that’s far from the reality. The younger set are catching on to its popularity and camraderie and enjoying the sunshine, the setting, the socializing with each other & saying “lawn bowling can really be quite addictive!”

Cheers to a mid-week summer Wednesday that sings—–“I’m on a roll!”….

Sushi anyone?!


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