…of useless, impersonation & cutting-the-cord…

Wire cuttersmovieschool

“Teachers strike gong show to simmer all summer”…”Top Ten Locations in Vancouver where Hollywood crews love to make their movies”…”The Ultimate Guide to Cord-cutting and Ditching Your Cable”…

There you have it! The profundities of a mid-month Tuesday in July!…

School’s out in British Columbia and the teacher/government talks are on and off on and off and seemingly mostly off. Kind of pathetic when a Supreme Court judge concludes from “exploratory discussions” that any mediation effort would be useless.

That old familiar melody–“See you in September!”….not such a sure thing…some might say, turn up the heat!

As recently as the new release movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, North Vancouver’s Capilano River Regional Park and Maple Ridge’s Golden Ears Provincial Park have found themselves doubling as fictional forests outside San Francisco!

Vancouver’s known “to impersonate cities from Seattle to Mumbai.”

Interestingly enough, the most popular top ten BC/Vancouver location shoots range from UBC’s campus and the Chan Centre to the historic Marine Building & the Orpheum, Gastown’s Hotel Europe, SFU’s campus, the Riverview hospital campus, The Thompson-Nicola Valley, Terminal City Ironworks, the Britannia Mine Museum, & Victoria’s Hatley Castle…

Cheers to where APPlicable–enable location!!!
Great for BC’s economy!…

Proponents of “cut the cord” to your landline telephone or to a cable-tv connection are gaining attention.

It seems for big city dwellers OTA (Over The Air) television is regaining popularity with the use of an HD antenna or wifi enabled devices. Apparently an APP called the Roku 3 is the secret to “getting rid of your pesky cable connection once and for all”…

For old school me, the technicalites around all that, for the time being shall remain N/A…

More innovative types might be tempted to shout—-get with the program!…

Mid-month July—how time flies!—glimpses of useless, impersonation & cutting-the-cord!

Cheers to a Tuesday full of sensational snippets!

May the buffet table that’s your life dish up a little bit of everything that delights!



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