…of bureaucrats, bungling & bravo…


As bureaucrats continue to quibble over ‘authority, jurisdiction, balanced representation, reserve funds & borrowing limits’ the fact remains that “one of Canada’s gems–Vancouver’s Granville Island, a “social and cultural hub that fosters artisans, artists, local businesses and foodies in repurposed buildings” that hint of unique bygone days, has continued to delight locals and tourists for 35 years and counting.

Cheers to Vancouver’s Mayor & others who are spearheading a strong voice to Ottawa that locals must continue to participate in the Island’s management!

Interesting to note the various dictionary definitions of bureaucrat:

-“an official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment”
-“an official who adheres to bureaucracy especially rigidly”
-“someone in a position of power who is more concerned with procedure or policy than people’s needs”
-“generally those seen as lacklusters who at the same time want efficiency and are usually associated with big things and wads of paperwork”

So there you have it! Is it just me, or is it more about how and by whom decision making gets done that could use a major overhaul?!?!…

Sadly, our local Fraser Health Authority bureaucrats charged with healthcare decision making in the Vancouver region, can boast a proud moment in having their hospitals named some of the “worst in Canada” for patient safety and quality of care.

Budgets, collective agreements, staffing education, congested working conditions, overtime hours, recurring super-bugs and hospital infections, ALL seem to lead the forefront of discussions—–is it just me or in all that are ‘patients’ somewhere way way down the list??!!…

Cheers to let’s somehow bigger picture–recalibrate!!!

Enough for another sunny summer Thursday morning one might say. Some positivity needed, for balance!

Did you know….

Vancouver is the 3rd largest city in Canada? (behind Toronto & Montreal)

Vancouver has the 4th largest cruiseship terminal in the world?

Vancouver has 3 professional sports teams – the Canucks (hockey), the Lions (football) and the Whitecaps (soccer)?

You can ski, bike, rollerblade, cycle, golf, sail, kayak – all on the same day?

The Vancouver Aquarium ranks in the top 5 around the world?

To all this we can shout——BRAVO!!!

Cheers to a red-tape/powers-that-be-LITE kinda day!!!



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