…of dyb dyb dyb dob dob dob…

wimbledonTim Krul

As WorldCup2014 continues with Brazil taking on Germany today, the Netherlands and Argentina wait in the wings for their showdown on Wednesday!

Together with the recent tennis at Wimbledon, it’s been a spirited kick off to summer for the sports bars & restaurants worldwide, and no doubt a boost to tourism in Brazil & the UK.

As I write that, coming to mind is that phrase we’ve all heard since childhood—“it’s not so much about whether you win or lose, but it’s more about how you play the game!”…

There are some wise truths in that despite the fact we live in a very competitive society where “winning and losing” on multilevels is so often in the forefront.

It seems to me much of it can correlate with confidence.

In whatever it is we’re doing…the challenges we face day to day…the things we strive for…there’s a huge element of having faith in ourselves and others that makes the path to success in it our reality.

The Olympians in training often refer to this as “b e l i e v e!”…

Those undertaking professional designation exams in multi-disciplines around the world call it the “perseverance test!”…

Interviewees & ones auditioning might see it as repeatedly dealing with the “rejection factor”…

In our weekly routines and encounters with things mundane, difficult and demanding, a lacklustre approach can be all too easy as the cynical or timid sides of our personalities bubble to the surface and in some ways hold us back.

As team spirit cheers scream “Go team go!” “Yes!!” “Onward!” “Upward!” individually,each of us can be buoyed, assessing for ourselves how we “give it our best shot” and knowing that in fact we have ‘played the game’ with all our heart & soul & might!!

Another sunny summer Tuesday!!

Cheers to you in all things!–knowing, “I gave it my best shot!”…

As we used to say in cub scouts in bygone days — “dyb dyb dyb dob dob dob!”

dyb -do your best
dob -do our best


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