…of raised eyebrows, mascots & tennis anyone?!…


“British Columbia Pub Raises Eyebrows With Video Camera In Washroom”…”Vancouver’s Olympic mascot costumes are out of sight but not out of mind”…”Tennis anyone?!”…

A tale of “looky loos” the headline quips!

In fact, the story’s about video surveillance over the sinks & paper towel dispensers’ area where repeated vandalism of fixtures has been a costly continuous irritant to pub owners…

A refreshing reminder of the popular 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics mascots “Quatchi, Miga, & Sumi” in today’s news, says they’ve gone underground!

Seems they’ve found a new home for now at the Museum of Vancouver, together with Olympics memorabalia galore, including “the bid book” and thousands of artifacts and pins from around the world.

All will go into basement storage until a collection is curated for public viewing sometime in the future.

Interestingly, two additional sets of the mascot costumes can be found at the IOC in Switzerland and Calgary’s Canada Sports Hall of Fame. Stampeders in Calgary now, won’t get to see them though, as they’re in storage there too…

Cheers to Quatchi-the sasquatch in winter boots & ear muffs, Miga-the mythical sea bear-part orca & part Kermode bear, & last but not least, Sumi-the animal garden spirit who wears the hat of the orca, flies with the wings of the mighty Thunderbird and runs on the strong furry legs of a black bear!

As I write this, Canada’s Milos Raonic is about to have a Wimbledon2014 tennis showdown with famed favourite Roger Federer in the Men’s singles semi-finals.

Cheers to Milos & good luck to Eugenie Bouchard who gets her chance to shine in the Women’s singles finals tomorrow!

Fine TGIF Friday to you!

Have a 1st rate 1st July summer weekend!

In your online activities–mind the net!;
In all your summer fun–be it flushed with excitement!;
In pooling or swimming–smiles be Olympic-sized!!



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