….of highs & lows…

loonie3801 Riviera Dr.jpgWEA Prairies Flooding 20140702

“California droughts most severe on record while floods overrunning Saskatchewan & Manitoba-are they here to stay?”…”Canada to sell $5.2 million mansion, official residence of Miami consul-general, in bid to find ‘more appropriate’ home for diplomat…”Loonies flight defying policymakers”…

Why? Why? Why? we might ask. Torrential rain backing up infrastructure and sewer systems, they say, with excess draining into river systems and heading downstream towards Manitoba.

Apparently, in the last 15 years the area has gone from some of the driest drought weather ever seen to now the wettest on record.

Studies reveal weather extremes over generations are cyclical.

The message in it, say the experts—we musn’t become complacent…

At first thought, how many Canadians would even know or think that we have a Consul-General in places like Miami? Not to mention, that they would occupy a 7,500 sq ft mansion in city suburbia-Coral Gables.

Apparently, the Miami consulate is responsible for consulate services in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands.
There are others in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Detroit and possibly more.
One wonders how streamlined that whole system is beyond the idea of ‘more practical and economic housing’ for their functionaries…

And so it goes…

Apparently, our loonie is so off course of our policymakers!

Hitting a new six-month high, it’s threatening the competitive advantages we may have had in our biggest export markets.

A sign of Canada’s economic strengths and at the same time reflecting the weakness of the US economy, the experts say.

Water levels across our land are rising and falling.

So too, will the loonie, they say, with current highs not expected to be sustained…

Cheers to a thriving Thursday!–economically appropriate–where the highs outweigh the lows!…

And in the spirit of positive camraderie wherever your day’s agenda sees you

Hesitate-NOT & smile to everyone—-




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