…of road trips, Canadiana & summer…


“Roadside satisfied: Six cross-Canada food stops worth pulling over for”…”After moving here, I think Americans would be happier if they were Canadians”…”Throwback summer: Tell your kids to get lost until dinner”…

Fun to note that Steveston’s Pajo’s Fish & Chips, on the outskirts of Vancouver, makes the list of cross-Canada food stops worth stopping for!

Indeed, “the floating shack on the wharf” is a favourite of locals and tourists alike!

If you get as far as the westcoast of Vancouver Island, Westside Grill & TacoFino in Tofino, BC made the list too!

Cheers to on the road again!–cod, salmon, halibut & “killer slaw!”….

A terrific tale of an American who first came to Canada in his 20’s, initially “surprised by the lack of flannel shirts & log cabins, the depiction of Canadian life “by line drawings on the side of maple syrup jugs.”

“Soon after I arrived”, he writes, “a couple from South Africa befriended me. A Japanese author became a mentor in my studies. This wasn’t new: I had met immigrants before, but on Canadian soil, the beauty of their background had more permission to shine. The difference was subtle but real. My world expanded rapidly.”My view of Canada started to recalibrate. In time, I realized that Canada is forever aware of “the other.” As a country with two official languages, there’s always a second opinion, a perennial need to co-operate across cultural lines to move forward. Until that moment, I didn’t grasp that humility, empathy and co-operation are the virtues that actually matter on the world stage. I’ve found Canada’s capacity for honest observation a helpful corrective. After a dozen years north of the border, I’m listening more and speaking less. I’m more aware of “the other”. I’m speechless with gratitude that my two-year-old daughter had access to free eye surgeries that saved her vision. I’m moved by the generosity Canadians express in the face of global catastrophes. I’m grateful for Canada’s savvy bankers who kept us from sub-prime follies. I love that Canadian restaurants put homemade doughnuts on dessert specials. I think Americans would be happier if they were Canadians.”

Cheers to shine & all things Canadian!!!…

A columnist expounds “See the door? Show it to your kids. Remind them there’s a whole world out there. A park is probably close by, or a ravine, or maybe a convenience store where they can go buy candy and just sit there on a skateboard getting a sugar high.”

I think he has a point on some levels. A bit scary for parents of young kids today but remember many of us spent all day running around as a kid in summers and it was indeed good for us! We DID discover things about ourselves and the world that we wouldn’t have if we were always shuttled from one activity to the next.

Cheers to can there be s happy medium in it???!!!….yes yes and just be sure they’re home in time for dinner!…



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