…Canada Day!…Canadian way!…


For the longest time, Canadians have had the reputation for saying ‘eh’ at the end of a phrase, a question, or as an inflection. “Have a great day! eh”, “Nice weather, eh”, “Sorry eh”…

Those who study linguistics and such things say that the usage of ‘eh’ by younger generations of Canadians is on the decline and anecdotally is losing ground to the likes of “sure” or “ok”.

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it sure seems to me that, in starting a sentence or thought or answering a question it’s becoming trendy to preface it with the word ‘so’ by both young and old alike.

What’s that about?, I ask…

“SO..what are you up to for Canada day?” “SO..the way I see it, we’re a nation unlike any other”….”SO..the true test of a Canadian you ask?…SO..they crave poutine, have a penchant for kayaking & if neither of those appeal they’d say ‘oh sorry’ or ‘SO sorry’!”

From coast to coast to coast today, Canadians from all lands, for we are truly a ‘worldly’ nation, will celebrate with ‘true patriot love’, ‘from far & wide’, ‘with glowing hearts’ ALL that makes our nation ‘glorious & free!’

Picnics in the park.
Family time at the cottage.
Communing with nature at the cabin.
Sunning at the beach.
Parading and concerting on Parliament Hill.
Community events-town to town; city to city.
Hiking in the mountains.
Cycling adventurous trails.
Canoeing, kayaking, rowing, sailing, golf, tennis, soccer, dance.
Sharing good times, fine eats, Canadian spirits.
Simply being Canadian.

Cheers to a grateful Canada Day!!

-humble, humourous, a breath of fresh air, counting our blessings!…

It seems that’s what others say is our to be celebrated–

Canadian way!


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