…of royal, founts & whales…


According to a recent study, the UK Royal “brand” (ie. the Royal Family) in 2012 was worth 44 billion British pounds–26 of it intangible, and the UK Monarchy contributes a sterling 500 million annually to tourism.

Cheers to that’s alotta ‘brandy’ !!….

It seems the “Centennial Fountain” on the north side plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery, a gift to Vancouver from the province in 1966 is about to get removed. According to bureaucrats the “palladian pond” too, has to go!….The fountain breaks up the space, and lacks flow and integrated design to the rest of the plaza, they say…..seating, new planters and pavement will be its replacement….Sadly, much disappointment from the now 85 year old artist who designed the mosaics and thinks moving the fountain cannot be done without damaging it.

And so it goes….cheers to public spaces & facelifts—a prominent part of the city landscape for almost 50 years, but reportedly–“few it seems will miss it.”

The debate about keeping whales in captivity continues around Stanley Park’s Vancouver Aquarium.
For 12 years now, there, they’ve studied the belugas social behaviours and communications and are about to embark on a study afar, in the Arctic.
Climate change suggests the region is warming at twice the global average and the Northern Passage could be passable by ship in summer in as little as a decade.

Cheers to knowledge, learning & facts and balance in it all for habitats and humanity!…

Families, royalty, tourism, fountains, public spaces, belugas……how does one tie that all together on a #ThrowbackThursday #ThirstyThursday final Thursday in June?….

Let’s just take the “th” of it & shout “th..th..th..thanks be” for family & brandy that sings fountain of youth & in the delight of public spaces may we always find festivity & flavourfulness likened to the finest caviar!

Cheers to a habitually happy harmonious & humourous day!



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