….of summer heat, laugh & live!…

hotweatherDarbyshire in character.

“May was hottest since records began”…”Clowns help to improve the lives of dementia patients”…”Parenting–fearful?!, fearless?!”

Apparently, average land and ocean surface temperature for the month of May was the highest ever since records began in 1880. 2014 is shaping up to potentially be the hottest year yet!

Cheers to a hot hot summer!….

A new term to me, the “Elderflower” interestingly enough is a specially trained practitioner that uses clowning techniques to enhance the quality of life for folks with dementia.
“Character” clowns rather than “party” clowns, elderflowers always work in pairs and engage with people rather than performing at them.

Kudos & cheers to caregivers in all they do in so many ways!….

A study done says that children given a ball, no matter where they are in the world, will make their own fun!!

Negotiating with one another!
Unstructured playtime!
Away from electronic devices!

Do you let your kids roam? Do they get driven to school? Do you expect them to text you on there whereabouts?

What a changed world since my childhood when we were out the door in the morning to walk to school with friends the 30 minutes it took, home for meals, but quite generally out and about creating our own fun ’til the street lights came on, the signal to return to the nest.

Cheers to balance in it!….for kids & for parents too!

NOT-fear not, but perhaps fear-less!

This final Tuesday as summer is about to really kick in, look & see!, listen & laugh!

Let’s lighten up a bit & find in life lite–new joys in simply living!!


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