…of seasons & spice…

aquabusgranvilleislandrosesPNG1906N Buble5.jpg

“Superstar Buble charms the hometown crowd”…”Are you suffering from Rushing Woman’s Syndrome?”…”Winds of Change Hit Granville Island”…

In the 1st of two concerts, last night and tonight, Vancouver’s Michael Buble apparently dazzled with the Canadian kickoff of his aptly named To Be Loved tour!

Cheers to “charm & swagger, heartfelt tunes & gut-busting banter, high-tech stage gear, intimate moments & a fun spirit that made for the whole package!”

Slow down a minute gals! You could have “Rushing Woman’s Syndrome”– “characterized by imbalanced hormones, uneven moods, depression and stress —“feeling completely out of control. angry, irritable, moody, crying for no reason, and wanting to kill the world.”

Man or woman, me thinks we shouldn’t ignore the fact that constant stress can be exhausting. Oddly enough, our society seems to shout busy & stressed–oh you must be important!

“Never enough time!” Cheers to get-a-grip! Try to be easier on yourself! Make time to smell the roses!

All easier said than done, but if you can, & yes you can!, you’ve won!…

Vancouverites & visitors-“about 10 million annually”, have delighted in Granville Island’s multi-offerings for 35 years now. The island’s single biggest tenant, Emily Carr University of Arts + Design, is getting ready to vacate and so blow the winds of change!

It’s good to know that the powers-that-be & consultants ad nauseum, aren’t proposing anything “radical” for “the soon-to-be-vacant space that comprises 1/5th of all the buildings on the island.”

In the meantime, money ($$$) is the big question as to what happens next!

Cheers to artisans & crafters, public market stands & a festive community vibe! May it continue for many many more years to come!

Oh feel the winds of the season’s change
Loudly roaring it’s way into our face
As it pushes back time and place
Forcing forward the new horizons.

As we dare run to the comfort of the Old,
The New whirls by taking hold
Making us look into new challenges
Even though we haven’t conquered the past.

Mistakes rush by we can no longer repair;
A love loosens it’s latest flair.
Will another flame take hold?
Passions yearning, sentimental burning,
Gripping, grasping to keep time and fashion still.

The Winds of Change, loudly roaring,
Sets fear into hearts of losing all
But the memories of previous charts.
Pounding, beating against our faces,
It forces it’s quarry onto new places.

Looking backward there is no view.
Only forward, but how, with who?
Resist! Struggle! Be sedentary!
But we are only overcome
as it carries us into a new
Season of life abound.
By Brenda Wright

Cheers to a seasonally great Friday & weekend!

Summer solstice! Summer! Sensational!

Spice it up! Abundance!


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