…mind your p’s…


According to the popular website tripadvisor, Vancouver’s beloved Stanley Park has been voted #1 park in the world beating out both Hyde in LondonUK and NYC’s Central.

Cheers to visitors and locals alike who’ve come to know all its splendour!…

Be it seawall walks, cycling, rollerblading, fine dining, forest trails, rose gardens, live summer theate, the Aquarium, lawn bowling, golf, rhododendrons, starving artist displays & sales, totem poles, Prospect Point lookouts, and treasured history for many people……Stanley Park has it all!….all in the heart of the city!

Now here’s an odd story!….
“Canada’s securities watchdogs are warning investors to be wary of publicly traded companies with ambitions to grow and sell medical marijuana after a rush of more than a dozen companies into the industry. Several are junior mining companies seeking greener pastures after financing for exploration deals dried up in recent years.”

As the accountants like to say—Plant & equipment….gone to pot!

A tale of an actor in a romantic comedy six years ago tells of his mother crying when she saw him in a full-frontal nudity scene! Such a fuss over such a little thing, I can hear my father quip!…(appendage)

When we travel the world, all manner of things can catch us off guard and be surprising as they deviate from things customary in the places we call home.

Were it not for Commonwealth roots in the homestead of my childhood, “mushy peas” would have been one of them! Cheers to ‘bring it to a boil’ or ‘boil the h*** out of it’!!

No doubt you can think of many others….

Whatever be the purpose for your day, may you be paciferous, sing paean, ne’er be palter nor suffer paragnosia!!

(translation: be peace bringing, sing a song of thanksgiving, never be trifle in talk nor suffer misunderstanding)

Cheers to a positively pleasurable painless picturesquely priceless day!

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