…of knots & have knots…


“As the necktie disappears from men’s formal attire, is elegance on its way out, too?”

So asks a question in the weekend media after an invited guest showed up at Buckingham Palace without a tie to the Duke of Edinburgh’s chagrin…

“Unless they are making a fashion statement—ties are for aging eccentrics and the little people such as the staff behind the reception desk or the stewards who push the trolley of tax-free goods down aircraft aisles. But I suppose it is one of the signs of middle age that you think you look less middle-aged and somehow patronizingly in touch with modern life without a tie. The truth is that dignity is one of the few consolations offered by age, when your body succumbs to the passing years. Don’t squander it by going tie-less.”

Bless be the ties that bind!

Canada Day is fast approaching and a website asks Canadians to weigh in on their favourite symbols of Canadiana. The beaver, poutine, the maple leaf…..
What are your thoughts?

Cheers to “My country is my cathedral, the northern sky its dome, they all call it Canada but I call it home!”
It’s the maple leaf for me!
No matter where we see our beloved Canadian flag, it smiles and waves ‘HOME’ and I think we Canadians can all be proud to sing of it! O Canada!

Salut to a low stress third week of June!

No knots in the stomach! A Windsor knot for your necktie!

And for all things naughty may you never pine!


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