…of over/under & with/without…

cbcStriking Teachers Rally In Nottinghamoverunder

“Who are the most overrated and underrated Canadians?”…”BC Teachers vote 86% for all-out strike”…”What’s next for Canada’s CBC without hockey?”…

Just a few of today’s headlines undertoned with negativity…

As Canada Day (July 1) approaches, a local newspaper is asking for over/underrated nominations….ie. “that one Canadian that can do no wrong as far as everybody else is concerned, but doesn’t do much for you, or that somebody whose greatness doesn’t get nearly enough recognition in this country,,, Those nominated can be dead or alive.”

How very bizarre to me!!…Labels? “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”, haunts from dear old Mom….

I do understand an apportunity to recognize those in our midst who do greatness unnoticed by the masses—significant contributors to our Canada strong and free!…

Cheers to “lives be celebrated—joy we live!”

One only has to hear the words “all-out strike” and the floodgates of negative implications for students, families, teachers, support workers & the government open wide and far reaching!…

Can there not be yes to new ways to solve such endless ongoing disputes laced with so much antagonism?!…

CBC-The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. One of Canada’s treasures.

CBC Radio reminds us daily with -“Canada lives here!”

It’s a tradition for generations of Canadians to wake up to the sounds of “World Report”, in British Columbia, followed by “CBC Early Edition”, “The Current”, “Q”, “BC Almanac”, “On the Coast”, “As It Happens”, “The Next Chapter”, just to name a few treasures that capture the hearts and minds of Canadians throughout the day.

Some of us are known to stay in our cars at our destination just to not miss some of the captivating before we go on with what needs doing in our day!
That’s just radio.
Not to mention tv, with the National, CBC Newsworld and the much much more that television offers, distinct from other networks.

Cheers to what’s next with so much going for it!!!—let’s nix the–what’s next without.

Sure hockey was the major revenue generator and without it necessitates change!
Let’s see that change say YES to all that keeps Canadians hearts glowing from shore to shore about our public broadcaster!
And where younger generations see many listening/viewing alternatives let’s work at what could change that so they come to know all that CBC has stood for in our nation and can stand on guard for WE for our future!

There is much to be gained rather than lost!…

So goes my rant for the day!

Cheers to you for a jolly June Wednesday that smiles strike up the band!…like a bridge over troubled water, may your psyche say don’t underestimate me!….& with or without, may your song always sing YES! YES! YES!


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