…of cool, planters, & tall…


“Cooling-off period would help everyone in teachers’ dispute”…”Pains & gains of summer tree planters: months of repetitive work in BC’s harsh terrain”…”Vancouver loses five a day, but Toronto hugs its trees”…

So go some of the media highlights in today’s news….

Ironic that as the sun shines & the temperatures soar, those keeping tab on the long ongoing teachers’ disputes in British Columbia suggest it’s a cooling-off period that’s required.
Strike action’s disruptive–to students, to support workers, to families trying to eke out a living.
Consequences in the classroom scream finish the school year uninterrupted.

Perhaps that’s too simplistic.

Do you have any helpful hypothesis?!?!….not so much, would be my uneducated, I guess!….
Another jarring tale, that of planters, sings are you nuts?!?!….

For decades now actually, I’ve heard summer sagas of those who’ve braved the back breaking task of heading to our true North strong and free to “fight the heat and bloodthirsty bugs, crushing monotony, and irritated bears” to plant seedlings!

Gruelling but a highly coveted summer job, interestingly, about 40% are women, average
earnings are about $300/day and those “who’ve learned the ropes and are top performers” can make $500/day!

Why does that remind me of those Kaanapali t-shirts that boast “I Survived Maui on $500/day”…?!?!!!! For some things, others are just more suited—how do you like Mai Tai?!…Salut!

“Housing development”, they say, is responsible for Vancouver losing five trees per day to the chain saw.
Meanwhile, in “Hogtown”-Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood, new houses are making way for the trees rather than the other way around.

“You can’t build a house and just tear out trees” says a consulting arborist.

Cheers to tree tops, a tree house, & the ‘money tree’!!….

Hopefully there can be a balance, an equilibrium, an eco-system that sings fine “tree-o”–getting it right!

Whatever you’re up to this primary Tuesday of June, may the challenges be elementary & may you never hesitate with independent thought!! One could say. the fact that fish swim in schools—that’s just secondary!

Stand tall!…in the angst that can be daily irritants, ignore the buzz, & of your daily targets, may your song be “I took aim, I saw, I conquered!”…


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