…of towers & thinking…


Interesting to note that it was on this date two years ago that the Tokyo Skytree opened to the public.
At 634 meters it’s the tallest tower in the world and the second tallest man made structure on Earth (Dubai’s Khalifa tower at 829.8m)

After a whilwind Victoria Day long weekend of cruiseship departures and arrivals, the Burrard inlet waterfront has gone a bit quieter with no major activities at the convention centre until June when the 97th Canadian Chemistry Conference & Exhibition, VEG Expo2014 Everything Vegan & Vegatarian, & the International Society of Stem Cell Research roll into town…

Vancouver!—gotta love the diversity of visitors to our city!

Do you ever have times when you are troubled by ivory tower thinking?

You know, the types of thinking that seem to reveal a disconnect somehow from the practical concerns of everyday life…

Too often thoughts of exclusivity and superiority can come to mind too.

Some think of this more commonly in the realms of academia and privilege, but on many levels I think it creeps into broader society in subtle ways.

I’ve always wondered when I’ve had my eyes tested, how the optical professionals know that what we actually see is what they think we see.

How do we ever know with certainty if what we see when we look out at a beautiful British Columbia mountain sea and sky vista is the same as another who may be right beside us?!

Colour, hue, brilliance, detail—-are they the same for everyone?…can they be?…or are they just by their nature and human nature going to be different?

I’ve always contended that artists who can draw must see things differently from me in order to know where to draw the first line. There’s no natural, let it begin for me in it!…

Cheers to the view and perspective that makes up your Thursday!!!

How does it affect your thinking?

Just a thought for today…

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