…of together & supersized…


A tale of downsizing from a 7,000+ square foot West Vancouver home into a combined 3 Yaletown condo units into a city urban oasis of 3,800 square feet has a baby boomer couple declaring “you compromise somewhat on square footage,,,,,,but this certainly feels like we have everything we need.”

Including in their building designs the flexibility to combine unite more easily is a new trend, say developers.

Cheers to downtown Vancouver living choices for younger or older–the issues are sizeable!…

I think we hear it often…”let’s put our heads together and see what we can come up with!”

In business, in politics, on the homefront, in many things that one might describe as the creative process.

How many conferences, forums, rallies, or family gatherings have you attended where sometimes surprisingly “what a great idea” became an inspiring affirmative to latch excited about accomplishing–an envisioned end result!?

Life’s like that, I find.
In the spirit of “something’s happening here” when people rally together with an action plan, much can get done in the symphony of shared talents and enthusiasm.

Tuesday thoughts for the day as tips:

Isolating ourselves, a no-no.
Think jumbo.
Open—hearts, minds, doors!



Cheers to a tremendously terrific together Tuesday–whoppingly wonderful!



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