…of puzzles & amuse!…

lifeRubik's Cube Google doodle

Haunts of decades past, today’s google doodle reminds us of earlier times of Cuban sanctions to the 40th anniversary of the Ideal Toy Company’s Hungarian Rubik’s cube!

My brother could twist & turn and solve the puzzle of it before I even comprehended what the puzzle was all about and what you were supposed to do!….

I think it was Deepak Chopra who once said there are no extra pieces in the universe and everyone is here with a place to fill and that every piece must fit itself into the big “jigsaw puzzle” that is life.

“Life is a gift, I accept it. Life is an adventure, I dare it. Life is a mystery, I’m unfolding it. Life is a puzzle, I’m solving it. Life is a game, I play it. Life can be a struggle, I’m Facing it. Life is beauty, I Praise it. Life is an opportunity, I Took it. Life is my mission, I’m fulfilling it!” Author unknown

To find lost and lonely ones,
To heal broken souls with love,
To feed hungry children with warmth and good food,
To feel the earth below the sky above…

To free captives from chains,
To make the powerful care,
To rebuild nations with strength and goodwill,
To call man/woman brothers/sisters everywhere…

To bring hope to every task you do,
To dance at a baby’s new birth,
To make music in an oldtimers’ heart,
And to sing the colours of the earth!…

Is to learn something of the mystery
Of what you are meant to do and be!…

Cheers to a “to be or not to be” kinda holiday Monday!
Solving some of the puzzle of it, Queen Victoria might have said, is to be amused!

“We ARE SO amused!!”


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