…of full monty, well-behaved & make no mistake about it…


A fun headline about Vancouver’s nude famed named Wreck Beach reads: “Wreck Beach goes the full Mountie: RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) plan to erect tent displeases regulars”
The intention is a police presence to keep safety in check for all for summer months May long weekend through Labour Day.

One can ever so imagine a Monty Python sketch of constables rising to the occasion….

A couple of other headlines read:

“What’s THAT book doing in the library?-Dr. Seuss among authors targeted for removal”…”Calgary restaurant gives discount for diners with well behaved kids”…
Interesting to note that Dr. Seuss’– “If I Ran the Zoo” has content that raises legitimate concerns to sensibilities of our time according to the Vancouver Public Library.

As for diners with well behaved kids, a Calgary restaurant owner says he came up with the idea about a year ago “as a way to say thanks to families who enjoy their meal together, instead of arguing or spending their time glued to things like mobile devices.”

He wonders if things will change now the paid little attention to discount has gone public.
“If customers feel unhappy when we don’t give them the discount for the kids, we are concerned about that,” he says. “Maybe we’ll have to think of something different.”
He’s musing over the idea of giving a discount to couples who are enjoying their dinner technology-free, for example, in hopes of staving off the Instagram-crazed foodies who spend more time photographing their food than savouring it.

Calgary’s Carina Japanese Bistro & Wine—sake sake, fine food, good times–Subarashii!!

An upbeat tale in today’s news tells of a cat missing since the Japan earthquake of 2011 being reunited with its family more than three years later! “Just like a dream!” said the elated owners!

Cheers to a situationly sensational terrific Tuesday!—-make no mistake about it! : )


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