…exhilarating & spirited…


We can’t turn back the clock, but we can certainly wind it up again and again in our quest to live our lives to the fullest!

What keeps some people everready and going going going in their busyness? You know, the types of people that never sit idle, rarely make time for unscheduled time and seldom deviate from their planned routines that have them going here there and everywhere?

Others, on the other hand, can be polar opposite and appear to be too often not doing very much and sometimes very discontent in their boredom, lack of motivation and general sense of unease about the circumstances life has dealt them.

Human nature and individual personality, some might say.

I once heard it said that there are two types of people—those that like to go to a party and be amongst people and stay to the very end being one of the last to leave AND those that given the choice, would rather stay home and read a good book than conjure up the exhausting energy it takes for them to ‘socialize.’

Often times, these two “types” are married to each other!…

And so it goes…

I love it when I hear people telling me “I am having the time of my life!”

Enthusiasm! It’s contagious!

“Zeal is a volcano on the peak of which the grass of indecisiveness does not grow”-Kahlil Gibran

Aldous Huxley once observed that carrying the spirit of a child’s enthusiasm into old age can be the “secret of genius.”

Whatever it is that you are doing today, let’s all be grateful for the gift that is time!

The Gift of Time
It is a mystery what we call Time:
A little space of day which turns to night;
A little span of sorrow and delight:
Of tearful dirges and of joy-bells’ chime.
And yet its calm, slow-moving, noiseless feet
Can lead to glory-even thru defeat,
Enclose the wicked within their self-made bars,
And lift God-fearing souls beyond the stars!
O but foolish, blind, ungrateful souls are they
That, heedless, see no gift in each new day.

(Based on “A Jubilee Ode” by Mary Elizabeth Blake)

Cheers to an exhilarating, spirited & grateful day!!


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