…of May & I…


“Edible insects are making their way onto Vancouver restaurant menus and store shelves.”

Now, there’s a headline that shouts May day!…something about Afican grasshoppers, ‘crick-ettes’ –dried crickets, & tequila worm lolipops…

There’s “value in understanding the history of food and what other cultures eat” expounds the article.

Cheers to all things that wiggle new!, this 1st of May!!–eat it up!….

Those who remember a time when kids actually went outside to play, unsupervised, and with less contemporary society concerns, will likely remember that game of a few steps forward, backwards, sideways & ‘scissors’ called “Mother, May I?”.

A game of asking permission & taking direction, a pre-amble to some of life’s more worldly ways–the courtesy of the queue and waiting our turn, among other things…

How often when faced with decisions or a choice to make have we thought to ourselves, what would Mom or Dad do or think about this?
When parents are no longer with us, some describe that sense or feeling in our conscience, the ‘still small voice’ of our upbringing. Something that for me, in quiet and calm, reminds me to assess the hazards, the downsides, and try to be cautious and careful.

Paying attnetion to your gut feeling, others have called it. Life experience wisdom suggests we should never ignore it!

May 1st…May day is special for many as it’s the mid-point between the two seasons of Spring & Summer!
Certainly in Vancouver yesterday, with the arrival of the first season cruiseship and sunny skies and warm temperatures, it felt like summer and today is to be more of the same!

I didn’t realize it, but 80 countries celebrate today as a public holiday known as International Workers’ Day.

The dedicated locals of Oxford in the UK start their celebrations at 6am by watching a choir singing from the Great Tower – the tradition dates back at least 500 years:

In an ideal world, it would be great if the following MAY thoughts could ALWAYS be true,
nonetheless, the sentiment of good wishes for all always means for you too!….

May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.”-Celtic thoughts

Cheers to a marvellous May day!!!


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