…the modern gentleman & start your engines…

startAccording to the UK’s Country Life magazine, the “modern gentleman” would never own a cat or use twitter.

Holding doors open and saying please and thank you is no longer enough apparently…in addition, the modern gentleman would “never buy fuscia-coloured trousers nor plant gladioli”…

Curiously enough the “modern gentleman” also curtails his drinking before being disorderly and only makes love ‘on his elbows.’….never dispenses unsolicited advice, nor wears brown shoes at night. The use of Facebook is permitted however the drinking of Malibus or writing with a Biro is frowned upon…not to mention, a penchant for pre-tied bow ties…

And finally….the “modern gentleman” understands that “courtesy costs nothing and knows rudeness is exorbitant and never forgotten….

Cheers to lest we forget…

I’ve never quite understood the fascination with auto racing. The noise….the merry go round in it….and the danger….
Perhaps not very modern of me to say so…

How often do we set goals for ourselves and all too easily find ourselves distracted or falling off track?

The pressures of day to day living and demands on our time can often derail some of our best laid plans.

When I think modern or contemporary it also makes me think youthful, full of vigor and enthusiasm. 20/30 somethings, definitely your time to shine!!!—hopes, dreams, all things are possible beyond thoughts of impossible!!…

Man or woman…..be gentle on yourself & at the same time—go for it!

Finish what you start!…

Smile when the checkered flag waves—well done!

And in the ongoing spirit of accomplishments, always be ready to seize the day with round 2 !!

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there” – Will Rogers

And as Dorothy Brown (in the old movie, Thoroughly Modern Millie) said to Millie: “You’re a modern!”

“Yes, thoroughly!”

Cheers to a thoroughly modern marvellous magnificent day!…


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