…of thrive & flourish…

spring3spring2spring1” ‘Over the hill’ officially begins at age 24, BC study finds”…”Universities have become factories for reinforcing opinions & prejudice”…”Are swears becoming so common they aren’t even profanity anymore?”…”Pope ignores prepared Palm Sunday homily, speaks off-the-cuff before posing for selfies”…

All in a day’s headlines!…

Apparently, “our ability to perceive, analyze and respond begins to abruptly decline around the age of 24” according to an SFU study. If we find ourselves maintaining our skills “we should give ourselves a pat on the back” as in actuality we are “adapting throughout our lives to our changing abilities and are showing growth and development.”

Cheers to “if at first we don’t perceive–adapt, analyze & respond!!!”…

Speaking about resourcefulness, Western Canada’s largest HR & Management Conference gets underway at Vancouver’s convention centre tomorrow.

Cheers to “fresh ideas, innovative tools & new connections!”…

The seven days leading to Easter have begun! Holy week.

Traditions abound.
Rituals, prayers, church services, music.
Feasting, family gatherings, candy, games, hand painted eggs, chocolate, & the Easter bunny.

Whatever this week means for you & whatever your traditions, as we walk this week from Monday to Sunday, I think all of us can do so with much to be grateful for and looking forward in hope with many blessings for our future.

As the seasons, spring, summer, fall, winter come and go year after year, they bring with them beginnings and endings, joys and sorrows, certainties and uncertainties all bounded in companionship, family, one and other, in love.

Cheers to a week of hope and light!

Walk softly in Springtime and hear the grass sing!
…See the new flowers colours display,
Tell all the children of glad Easter day!

Sing gently in Springtime and join with the birds,
who warble their music, a song without words,
that floats through the air and that reaches the sky,
a message of love by & by…

Praise gladly in Springtime when earth seems to glow,
With new life and colour in all things that grow.

Cheers to ‘thanks be’ days ahead that sing thrive, flourish!…


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