…of V-necks & chill…

canadageese Apparently, Vancouver’s geese population is out of control!

“A significant threat to aviation safety, a problem in local parks, pastures, golf courses and other grassy areas.” Not to mention goose droppings and the nastiness of aggressive pairs towards children.

Oddly enough it was only a few decades ago that the powers that be were trying to boost the goose population!

Cheers to flock management & migration & as you take a gander at what might be a great addition to your Spring wardrobe, could one suggest a new light weight sweater?

In the spirit of the formations of the beloved Canada geese–how about a V-neck !?!…

Soar on!

This 1st Friday of April is actually the 95th day of 2014 leaving 270 days until we’ll be singing Auld Lang Syne again!

Interestingly, in Asian traditions–more specifically, China, Korea, Vietnam, today marks the day of the Cold Food Festival!

In some parts, the custom of visiting ancestral tombs coincides with this festival.

“In reality, the true source of the Cold Food Festival started from the ancient tradition of setting fire by rubbing wood pieces together and the tradition of lighting new fires. Due to the change of seasons and the change in the type of wood available, the ancient practice was to change the type of fire-starter-wood used from season to season. Fire is lighted anew upon the start of each season. Before the new fire is officially started no one is allowed to light a fire”–hence for a time, the Cold Food Festival!

Some fancy cold noodle dishes, anyone?!! Gado gado salad? Enoki mushrooms? Gazpacho? Vichychoisse?….

Whatever takes flight for you & with whomever you flock this Friday and first April weekend—-

Cheers to Spring days of cool factor that sing take it easy, relax, enjoy—-


(oops, just realized I am a day ahead of myself, in that today is April 4th, not 5th, but I like to think the sentiments are as relevant for today as tomorrow! : ))


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