Nothing quite says welcome to Vancouver like our city’s YVR International Airport!

Rated #1 airport in North America and 9th in the world for the 5th consecutive year, it was also the only North American airport included in the global top 10!

Amazingly, both Toronto’s Pearson Intl and Halifax’s Stanfield Intl took 5th and 7th places respectively, beating out NYC’s JFK!…

By all accounts, these Skytrax ratings are the equivalent of the “peoples’ choice awards” and encompasse “not only iconic architecture and art but superior customer care and efficient processes, shopping and dining options, and more”…

Kudos & cheers to all who play a part in it!…

An observation by many visitors to Canada is that we Canadians say “sorry” frequently. Some ask, is it our over concern with maintaining our self-image as a tranquil, multicultural, peacekeeping nation that makes this so?

Observedly, we have different uses for “I’m sorry” with variations indicated primarily by inflection—not only to express regret, but to grab someone’s attention or to avert a problem!

Some have noted that our government uses this “Canadianism” repeatedly: making apologies to various groups not so much to right historical wrongs but trying to ease political tensions and improve future relationships between communities in Canada.

Indeed we do have a propensity to say “I’m sorry” or “sorry”, not to be confused with our sarcastic use of “excuse me?”…

Cheers to a no regrets, full of needed attention, problem-free day!

If that turns out not to be for this fine final Friday of March 2014,



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