…characteristically current…

Apparently one of the new buzzwords of the day, “du jour”, like the soup so-to-speak, is
“Normcore”. “Normcore finds liberation in being nothing special, and realizes that adaptability leads to belonging.”

What the heck does that mean seems to be something about “a “trendless life”–being unselfconscious in a society that’s gone uber-conscious.”

“To not be lining up for everything new. And not just about fashion & food. There are so many great things to see and do that we cast aside during the chase for the latest and greatest.” ie. life before eating dinosaur kale & red quinoa, is how someone puts it!

Some say the quest for “normcore” is easier in a suburban or non-city environment. Others suggest that major city life–where everything moves faster, maybe just needs us all to CALM DOWN abit in it!

In my youth the opposite of “normcore” might have been described as the “cool factor.” Dear old Dad could never understand why his sons would spend twice the amount for Lees or Levis jeans/corduroys that would wrinkle up behind the knees when for a fraction of the cost one could get permanent press with a permanent crease!”….

Press on Dad…get with the times! … : )

And so it goes…from generation to generation….in the circle of life!

Cheers to the 4th of 5 Mondays in March where may all you do be ‘politically correct’, full of ‘cool factor’, resplendently in vogue & with total disregard for what’s trendy!—-in other words, cheers to a ‘normalcore’ day!!!


To the core.

Characteristically current.


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