…of our & shine!…

“Drinking alcohol more than twice a week, in any amount, spikes risk of stroke threefold for men: study”…”Bug serving French restaurant lost Michelin star because of creepy-crawly menu, chef complains”…”Is porridge a miracle food?”…”Vancouver port strike puts chill on economy”…”My girlfriend broke up by text, what do I do?”…”Top Ten Tips for First Time Nakations”…

And so it goes!…staycation, daycation, nakation…
One can barely keep up!…

This 80th day of 2014 is International Day of Forests by proclomation of the United Nations and also, in most of the Arab world, Mother’s Day.

Not to mention, Harmony Day-Australia; Human Rights Day-South Africa; Truant’s Day-Poland; (it’s true!), AND International World Poetry & International World Puppetry Day!!!

In many parts of North America the main theme for the day is simply #TGIF Thank God It’s Friday!

International World Puppetry Day eh!–doesn’t that just make you wanna ask have you met Marion yet??…yes yes, Marion the marionette!…

Seriously now, what a good segue to that phrase– no strings attached!

According to urban dictionary: no strings attached – 1) Doing something for someone without asking anything in return; 2) Being in a relationship with someone, while still dating other people. This is so there is not anxiety or worrying about where him or her is or what him or her is doing. 3) Free of conditions, restrictions, costs or any other obstacles, as in “I will buy you a waffle iron, no strings attached”

I’m dating myself in saying this, but a childhood memory brings to mind, there used to be a commercial on television some years ago that expounded “Feed your furniture FAVOR–it’s good for the wood, ’cause it’s wax!”

In truly Canadian fashion & spelling, Friday cheers for a fine favOURable “our” weekend!

Do yOURself a favOUR and do a favOUR for someone else—no strings attached!

You both will shine!!!


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