…of earnest, fervent, convivial & glowing…

headsup Heads up!!–a new 12-sided one pound British coin will make its way to Brits’ pockets by 2017! “The current 1 pound coin design will be replaced with the most secure coin in the world”…”A public competition will decide the design for the ‘tails’ side, while the Queen’s effigy will continue to grace the flip side!”…

Cheers to some of the win/lose aspects of life that chuckle it’s a toss up!…

Speaking about toss ups, how about toss outs??…

Spring is just days away and so is that season dubbed ‘spring cleaning’.

Anticipating summer greens, are there things beyond your salad that you should toss?

De rains dat come again sing de-clutter!!…

The TED conference continues in Vancouver this week. By all accounts, tales of walks on a beach by Melinda & Bill Gates, were an inspiring time asking “does life have to be like this?”.

Cheers to take a walk on a beach and give some thought to what might you do & how might you go about it!?!….keywords: meaningful & important…

All things are possible.

Another tale of regular walks or a run shouts put down that crossword and get out and about to guard against dementia.
So says a recent UK research study.
Apparently our brains shrink at the rate of 1% year in adulthood, but those study participants who took a brisk 40 minute walk three times per week (aged 55-80) saw their brain hippocampus (memory hub) grow 2%…knocking off almost two years from its biological age.

Cheers to keeping it fresh & young!!…..springtime!

Alas, one might ask in a tapped out for topics Wednesday muse, is boxed water better than bottled?

Apparently a Michigan company ‘makes’ a “boxed (not bottled) water that’s arty, sustainable and completely curious”…”Nothing fancy, just purified municipal water.” (500ml box complete with pouring spout-$1.99)

Cheers to a super #WineWednesday #HumpDay of caring & inspiration that sings I pour out my heart in all things!…






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