…raison d’etre…

A “totally non-scientific guide to being in your 20’s highlights that if you are male and 20 your sexual peak is behind you already–and ladies, yours won’t happen for another decade.”

Additionally, interesting to note—“at age 22, your mental powers start to peak–you have about five years to think of something brilliant!; since adolescence lasts until 24, at 25 you are now officially an adult; Women at age 28, you become those women on tv ads that laugh while eating salad; at age 29, hangovers for both sexes hit hard–what used to mean a slow start to Saturday becomes something between a mild medical emergency and the suspicion that demons are trying to escape from your brain”…

And so it goes into one’s 30’s with thoughts of “as good as it gets?!”….

With each passing decade metamorphosis sings—magnificent!!!…

With the bunnyhop to Easter well underway an interesting article expounds on tricks for cooking with the lunchbox favourite—raisins! “Clementine, raisins & chicory; pickled vegetables with raisins; raisin gravy with slow-roasted duck”…

Caramel & sherry can apPAIRently be a nice touch too!!…

Another interesting tidbit–there was much hype a few weeks back about the British Columbia government’s decision to allow liquor sales in grocery stores in the near future. A new article now suggests that only 2 of 53 grocery stores in Vancouver will be able to sell liquor as the rest of them are all in too close proximity to existing liquor stores or private liquor selling enterprises.

Cheers to much ado about nothing……hmmmm….one can only imagine how long the impact study report must have been……(not to mention the cost)

Well whether you’re a 20 something or far beyond, one who wines or tries to whine not, may your terrific Tuesday give you a fine raison d’etre!!


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