…of fridges & floatillas…

engbayshipsA headline about dating shelf-help tells a tale of what food in their refrigerator says about your dating partners!!…

I’ll just leave it to your imagination what dating insights can be “gleaned from your groceries!”…..something about “health, wealth, sociability & sexyness revealed far more vividly than by your shoes, medicine cabinet or underwear drawer”…

Alrighty then…cheers to sharing more than a fridge!….hide the pork roast, lest you be thought of in cold shoulder ways!…

Many seem unaware of it, but a truckers’ strike at the Port of Vancouver is seeing many shipping freighters idling in English Bay waiting to deliver or be loaded with cargo.

The repercussions are burdening many business entrepreneurs with ongoing unanticipated storage costs and threatening layoffs at BC sawmills. Longshoremen hours are being reduced and production staff layoffs are happening in many sectors as retail products as well as farmers’ agricultural products can’t get to market.

Cheers to may the best laid plans need NOT be contingency plans!….get BC shipping moving again!…

Spoilage seems to be the word of the day to tie fridges & floatillas in blogspeak together!

“When a product reaches the point of spoilage, there will be other signs that will be evidenced — for example odor, slime formation and a bulging package.” -Ann Boeckman

Cheers to a fine aromas, slime-free, & erupting with levity & laughter Friday and weekend!!!…

Use it or lose it!
On the move!
Idle not!


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