Apparently the traditional ice cream cone is “being frozen out in favour of the cup or tub of luxury ice-cream”…

Apparently the monocle is becoming the latest hipster fashion trend in “Manhattan, Berlin & Dublin”…

Apparently sustainable seafood is “catching on in Vancouver restaurants”…

“The Vancouver Aquarium established the Ocean Wise program in 2005 to denote fish and seafood caught with the most sustainable means possible and the program soon went Canada-wide.”

Cheers to “Ocean Wise” & open your eyes to watching for it on menus around town!–be environmentally friendly!…

Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today. – Mark Twain

Apparently three out of four people make up 75% of the world’s population. – USA Today

Apparently in the business world today, failure is not an option. – Naveen Jain

Apparently we love our own cellphones but hate everybody else’s. – Joe Briggs

Apparently the richest most meaningful stories are found in small places: made, carried,
crafted, told and retold by unimportant people. – Louise Brown

Apparently singing is a form of meditation…the only one that I have command over. – Brandi Carlile

Apparently “pad kid poured curd pulled cold” is the most difficult english tongue twister of all time according to MIT researchers.Cheers to a wonderful second Tuesday of March—apparently it will be a great day for you!!


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