…of brewskies & climate/time change…

Interesting to note that East Vancouver (Yeast Van) is now home to the densest concentration of breweries in Canada. The neighbourhood is “hopping and foam-enting a craft beer revolution” according to recent reports.

I didn’t know it but there’s even a BC Craft Brewers Guild and blog known as “Brewed Awakening”….now doesn’t that just sing cheers!…

A warning that climate change may be affecting avocado production has now been revised foiling fears of a future Guacapocalypse by guacamole lovers. Some might say that’s nacho run-of-the-mill news story…”more chips por favor!”…

Until next fall, this is our last Friday on standard time, hinting of Spring and days of later evening daylight and for a time, darker mornings to come!

“Spring forward, fall back”—do you remember that from school days past?

Not sure why that expression reminds me of the kid’s toy of an era—the slinky—do you remember that too?…

Whatever there’s time for in your Friday—set the standard high!!

And as Saturday and Sunday can be a time for rest and relaxation—resist the urge to “shop ’til you drop” & may the savings shout daylight!!

Great weekend y’all!…

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