…stops & starts…

Hockey is part of Canadians heritage they say, but the NHL’s ‘outdoor’ Hockey Classic game on Sunday afternoon at Vancouver’s BC Place with the roof open is having a tough sell and many tickets are being given away to see the Canucks-Ottawa Senators play. Ticket prices $105-$325…hmmm….no wonder…

Cheers to temporary rinks and ice makers and a flood of hockey fans!…

Concerns about something known as “ocean acidification” may be the answer to some of the mystery of what is killing off massive numbers of oysters and scallops in BC’s pristine waters.

Cheers to seafood and amid climate change–see answers!…

As it’s out with February and in with March, this 59th day of the year, we can be reminded that Benedict XVI resigned one year ago today as Pope of the Roman Catholic church, the first pope to do so since 1415…

Life is full of starting and stopping points. In the starts we can accept that and are often buoyed by the newness of challenge and energy and upsides. In the stops, sometimes disappointments or resignation and other times a conscious effort to wind up the season of something with grace to pursue other directions.

As it’s been said: cheers to STOP putting things off, STARTing tomorrow!!!

Great Friday & weekend!….

March into March marching tall!…


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