…take flight, soar!…

“Bird study finds females have a better sense of direction”…”Google street view hunting for polar bears as it maps Canada’s North”…”What does it really take to think globally?”…”When my kids flew the coop I told them ‘you’re welcome back any time’ Oops”…

A few of the thoughts of the day in today’s media!…

Have you ever truly thought about the direction for your life in a purposefully pragmatic way or is it our tendency to flock with the birds and day to day kinda just sorta wing it?

Be it north south east or west the compass that spins in the swiftness of each passing day can really sometimes get away with us and leave us feeling like we’re floundering.

They say it’s a whole new world now with technology and social media and their impacts for our future. Those of us who confine our thinking to local community with less than fully open minds to the whole wide world out there will do so at our own peril.

Certainly the media plays a key role in increasing our awareness, but beyond the audio and visual bites do we really hear and see or is the superficiality of some of it all keeping us from deeper thinking?

Two steps forward. One step back. I think, most of us can say life’s journey can be much like that on many levels. How often do we think we are making progress heading one way when something happens that has us stopped in our tracks and looking back before we can springboard forward again?

Like the young bird that returns to the nest for sustenance and rest, we too can be creatures of such habits. The oops of it, only if in doing so we lose sight of the solid foundations in our roots that have given us strong and independent wings!….

Whatever’s up for your final February Thursday 2014, take flight!!



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