…of open houses & cobalt blue…

vancsnowA fun tale in today’s news tells of a quartet of East Vancouver roommates who’ve opened their home to the public “for device free conversation & 70’s music—that’s listening to rock music on the hi-fi not Wi-Fi”…

Yes that’s right, the “Our Generation: Open House and Shrine to the ’70’s is a cellphone free oasis that’s open 10am-10pm 7 days a week, no digital devices, no flatscreen tv, no tv at all actually. If you feel a necessity to check your twitter feed you’re banished past the smokers’ deck all the way to the sidewalk.”

Ironically, getting the word out about this Open House is through twitter and facebook!
Apparently, Vancouver is also home to other “archaic” gathering places where people meet to
“bash away on manual typewriters or create handwritten letters”…

Cheers to write on!…

As shouts of upcoming gardening shows beckon spring has sprung or will soon, spring fashionistas should also know that “cobalt blue is the season’s need-to-know colour swatch! Instantly modern & self-assured!”

So there you go…

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday that has you exercising your contemporary confidence, left to your own devices!…


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