…business as usual…

Interesting to note that this ordinary mid-week Wednesday is the 50th day of the year with 315 remaining!

It was on this date in 1878 that Thomas Edison patented the phonograph, in 1985 that William Schroeder became the first recipient of an artificial heart to leave hospital, and in 1960 the UK’s Duke of York was born!

In those times and spheres, the day was anything but business as usual!

To everything there is a season, it’s been said, and in some of life’s journey we carry on doing our thing or as others sometimes say doing what we do.

But every once in awhile we can be hit with curve balls–you know those moments where some might say expect the unexpected!

In the where do I turn now of it, help can be found in looking back and forward and in so doing catching our breath in seeing our way.

What is it that’s brought me to the here and now of the way it is? What can I see for the future?

There’s much look and see in it! There’s wait & hey wait a minute in some of it! There’s trust in ourselves and faith in our futures in it too!

So whether it’s business as usual or far from it for you today, cheers to look see!, wait!, trust! & faith!

Wonderful Wednesday!


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